2021 Season Wrap-Up

2021 Season Wrap-Up

The 2021 Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints Season has had amazing highs and some lows, but overall, it was a very successful season for the drivers, teams, owners, and our sponsors.

The Winged portion of the season had 7 races for the year, which were in 5 different states, at 6 different tracks.  32 drivers competed this season, with over 75,000 dollars awarded in cash.  Bobby Santos won three of the races in Berlin, Highland Rim, and Nashville.  Eric Humpries also won three races at Inter Mountain Speedway and Colorado National Speedway and Kentucky National Speedway.  Ryan Burdett captured the other Colorado National checkered flag.  It was Consistency that paid off for Humpries, competing in 6 of the races, as he captured the Final 2021 Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Winged Super Sprint Champion.  Eric also captured the 2021 King of the Wing Season Championship.


The Non-Winged portion of the 2021 season also had 7 races, at 4 different tracks in Michigan and Indiana.  An amazing 53 drivers competed in this season, which was higher than both previous year drivers.  Bobby Santos, Taylor Ferns, and Tyler Roarhig each won two races, Santos at Anderson and Kalamazoo, Ferns at Galesburg, and Berlin, and both of Roarhig wins being at Anderson.  Kody Swanson captured the checker at Anderson for his win this year.  Bobby Santos is the 2021 Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Non-Winged Super Sprints Champion.


Since we started the Non-Winged Series, we have had an overall champion the past three years.  Tom Patterson attended all 14 races in the 2021 series, and even after destroying his car in Nashville, found a way to complete the season in a couple of borrowed cars.  His effort paid off as he has accumulated enough points to become the final Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Overall Super Sprints Champion.

A couple of other awards this year are going to Crew Chief of the Year, Boris, of the Tom Patterson Team, and crew member of the year, Jennifer Blonde, for endless supply of food!!

In case you missed the word final in two of the championships this year, the Winged portion AVBBSS is now part of the history of Sprint Car Racing.  The Non-Winged portion is still being worked out.  As of todays writing, Anderson Speedway and Tom Hartsell have teamed up to start 500 Sprint Car Tour. As the staff and innerworkings develop we will keep you posted as well as Anderson Speedway.

Tom Hartsell and the staff here at AVBBSS want to thank all the drivers, teams, and owners that participated in all our events this year. 

Tom and Kenny Wright are moving on to the new 500 Sprint Car Tour, Bruce Harper and Carrie Metzger will be headed to Florida, and Larry Heuer will be assisting in another new Sprint Car Series.  Until we all meet again, stay Happy and Healthy!!