Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints series nearing midpoint of season heading to Colorado National Speedway

Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints series nearing midpoint of season heading to Colorado National Speedway

With the Auto Value Super Sprints approaching the mid-season mark, the series would like to thank our drivers, owners, fans, and many sponsors for all their support and help in starting a challenging year as we added non-winged races and new partnerships with tracks and promoters.

In the first seven races there have been 51 different drivers competing in the first 2 Winged races, and 5 non-winged races.  These drivers have taken home over $113,375 dollars in purse money in these seven races! We have been blessed by the Lord to have great weather for each of the races and continued the family atmosphere at each of our events.

We have had very proud moments as our drivers and crew worked together to take care of Tom Paterson’s car and equipment at the track and after race day, pray for him while he was in the hospital, and visit him, call, text, and keep lifting his spirits as he has and is going through his recovery process.  Another historic event was the return of Sprint Cars to Winchester Speedway, with an amazing and competitive race.

It has also been a great experience to see those that have ran non-winged before helping our drivers who haven’t ran before with set up and recommendations for stagger and shocks. On the track it is a competition, off the track they are helping each other get the cars ready for the race.

We are also proud of our drivers, who have worked through the challenges as we have made this move to a mixed season of winged and non-winged races.  The drivers have helped to not only work through the challenges but have also helped with making changes to how we as an organization have improved the safety on the track, our communication with drivers both on the track and off the track to make the events more successful. 

As we head into three consecutive winged races at Colorado National Speedway, and New Paris Speedway, Bobby Santos III is leading the points followed closely by Eric Humphries and Shane Butler.  In the past four events Bobby is leading Eric 3 to 1 in trips to victory lane. 

We will return to non-winged racing at Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex in Marne Michigan, where Aaron Pierce is leading the points race, followed closely by Bobby Santos III.  The two of them are way in front of the rest of the field, as they have battled at each of the first 5 non-winged races in the 2019 season.

With Bobby leading the winged race points and following closely to Aaron in non-winged, Bobby has led the combined points race for the season thus far.  Currently Tom Paterson is in third place.  Bobby and Tom Paterson have raced in both series thus far, but that will change with the winged races coming to Indiana in the next month.

We are also excited to have a true rookie driver this year, Justin Harper, who has been in two events this season thus far as he is developing his skills.  We look forward to seeing him more in the remainder of the season.

Auto Value Super Sprints is proud of the fact that every dollar we get from the sponsors and track owners/promoters goes to our drivers.  Tom Hartsell and the staff of the series are not in this for the money, but for the love of the series and our AVBBSS family, the drivers, owners, and promoters.

We also want to thank are primary sponsor Auto Wares, the parent company of the Midwest Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper Part Stores.  This series would not be possible without their support.  We also have important partnerships with Hoosier Tire, “The Tire of Champions”, Hamilton Trucking, and ProThings Apparel.  There are so many other companies that have also helped: Wix Filters, 4 Seasons AC, Moog, Royal Purple, AC Delco, Motorcraft, Bosch, Walker Mufflers, and Monroe Shocks and Struts.

Again, we want to thank the fans, the ones that spend the money, and come out and support the local tracks.  We know you have lots of choices to spend your hard-earned money on and thank you for showing your support by attending our events.  You the fans mean everything to the drivers, owners, and staff of the AVBBSS series, the original home of “The World’s Fastest Short Track Cars” in the Midwest.

Larry Heuer, Competition and Social Media Director AVBBSS series