Bobby Santos III Dominates the 2019 Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints Season!

Bobby Santos III Dominates the 2019 Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints Season!

Sadly the 2019 season has come to an end, the season had 78 different drivers, with 84 different cars, competing both Winged and Non-Winged, at 10 different tracks, for an exciting season that saw the biggest names in Sprint Car racing.

The Winged Season had races at 5 Flags Speedway in Florida, Montgomery Motor Speedway in Alabama, Colorado National Speedway, and New Paris Speedway.  There was date canceled at Baer Field Motor Sports Park. 

The Overall Winged Champion with four wins in Florida, Alabama, and a sweep of the two races in Colorado is Bobby Santos III.  Bobby is also in second place for the National King of the Wing Series, with the final races in California in November.  The top ten places are filled with the nation’s biggest names in Winged Sprint cars, Santos, Eric Humphries, Shane Butler, Austin Carter, Bryan Gossal, Mike Anderson, Chris Muhler, Stan Butler, Branden Blender, and Tom Patterson


The Midwestern Winged Champion with a second-place finish and top qualifier at New Paris Speedway is Aaron Pierce from Daleville, Indiana.  Pierce beat out Jason Blonde, the winner of New Paris race by just one point.  The rest of the top ten were Joey Liguori, Jeff Bloom, Chris Neuenswander, Derek Snyder, Christian Koehler, Chris Jagger, Travis Welpott, and Geoff Kaiser.

With the 2019 season came the addition of the Non-Winged Super Sprints to the season, there were 11 races at the best tracks in the Midwest including Toledo Speedway, Winchester Speedway, Baer Field Motor Sports Park, Kalamazoo Speedway, Berlin Speedway, and Anderson Speedway. 

The Overall Non-Winged Champion is Bobby Santos III with two feature wins, a top qualifier award, and 7 top five finishes.  The rest of the top 10 were Kyle O’Gara, Aaron Pierce, Kody Swanson, Tyler Roarhig, Taylor Ferns, Doug Dietsch, Christian Koehler, Nick Hamilton, and Tony Main.  Each of these drivers deserve credit on a hard-fought season.

The Midwestern Non-Winged champion is also Santos, this series did not include the four 125 lap races at Anderson.  The points in this competition were much closer with these competitive drivers.  The remaining top drivers are Kyle O’Gara, Taylor Ferns, Aaron Pierce, Tyler Roarhig, Doug Dietsch, Christopher Randolph, Derek Snyder, Kody Swanson, and Tom Geren JR completing the top competitors.  This series also had 44 different drivers, the largest amount of the classes in the 2019 season, with 44.

Santos’s domination of this season propelled him to the Combined 2019 Season Champion, with 6 total feature wins, 11 top five finishes, and two top qualifiers Santos and car Owner Richard Fielder have been a force to reckon with in this season.  The remaining top ten are, Kyle O’Gara, Aaron Pierce, Kody Swanson, Tyler Roarhig, Christian Koehler, Travis Welpott, Taylor Ferns, Doug Dietsch, and Nick Hamilton.  

Justin Harper burst in to the AVVBBSS this year as a Rookie Sprint Car driver attending 5 of the Non-Winged races in the Midwestern Non-Winged Series and finishing 13th for the year.  Justin was named the Rookie of the year at the Baer Field Champions Night for the 2019 season.  Justin will be a great competitor in the 2020 season, and we look forward to seeing his continued improvements next year.

Doug Dietsch was one of the strong advocates for adding the Non-Winged Sprints in the 2019 season.  Although this was his desire, the season was not kind to Doug this year, he had multiple engine and car issues throughout the year causing several unfinished races and missed races.  Throughout the season, Doug remained positive and determined to get and keep his car running and in attendance.  He was able to notch out a 7th place finish in the Overall Non-Winged Series, and a 9th place finish in the Midwestern Non-Winged Series. Dietsch also finished 6th in the Overall Season Championship without a win, and 3 top ten finishes.  Doug Dietsch even with all his hard work simply just did not have Lady Luck on his side this year and has been awarded the 2019 AVBBSS Hard Luck Award.

Ten-year veteran driver Derek Snyder has been a consistent driver in both the AVBBSS series and is the reigning Midwestern King of the Wing Champion.  Although Snyder has raced a couple of times in the midget class without the wing, Non-Winged Sprint Car Racing has been a new experience to him this year.   Snyder along with his crew worked very hard to get his car to perform well in 5 of the Non-Winged races this season.  Snyder was able to capture a heat win, and four top 10 finishes in five races.  In the Midwestern Non-Winged Series he achieved an 8th place finish for the season.  Derek also captured a fifth-place finish in his only Winged appearance this season.   The #22 team worked hard and continue to try at every race to achieve a better finish each race.  For his perseverance this season, Derek Snyder has been awarded the 2019 AVBBSS Hard Charger Award.

Looking ahead to the 2020 season, we are working on new tracks, with more races and excitement.  Looks like we will have a similar mix of Winged and Non-Winged races.  Although, we are still working on the exact schedule we will release it as soon as possible for our drivers, owners, teams, and fans can plan for next year. 

Tom Hartsell wants to thank all of the drivers, owners and teams for all of the hard work in the 2019 season.  The success of this year could not have occurred without each member of these teams.  Additionally, the AVBBSS staff, and family want to thank each of the tracks and all of the fans for making these 16 races happen this year, without you we could not put on the show we do, and the drivers could not pursue the passion each of them has to race.    

Each of these drivers contributed to the season and we want to thank each of them for these help in making this season a huge success.

Alberts, Teddy
Anderson, Mike
Armstrong, Caleb
Armstrong, Dakoda
Bendon, Brandon
Bergener, Kyle
Bergener, Monty
Bischak, Derek
Blonde, Jason
Bloom, Jeff
Butler, Shane
Butler, Stan
Carrier, Blake
Carter, Austin
Caryer, Jerry
Cottle, Shane
Dietsch, Doug
Dodson, Cameron
Ferns, Taylor
Gallogly, Cody
Gamester, Russ
Gardner, Ronnie
Geren, Tom  Jr
Gilbertson, Johnny
Gordon, Eric
Gossal, Austyn
Gossal, Bryan
Grant, Justin
Hamilton, Kyle
Hamilton, Nick
Hampton, Scotty
Harper, Justin
Heeney, Jim
Hollingsworth, Shane
Humphries, Eric
Inman, John
Irwin, Joey
Jagger, Chris
Kaiser, Geoff
Karl, Cody
Keesling, Rob
Koehler, Christian
Landon, Nick
Leary, CJ
Liguori, Joey
Main, Tony
McCune, Jimmy
McPeak, Aaron
Morgan, Shane
Mott, Jaren
Muhler, Cris
Neuenschwander, Chris
O’Gara, Kyle
Osborne, Trey
Patterson, Tom
Payne, Jim
Petrozelle, Johnny
Phillips, Hunter
Pierce, Aaron
Quintana, Anthony
Randolph, Christopher
Reynolds, Dylan
Roarhig, Tyler
Santos, Bobby III
Schmidt, Joey
Seltzer, Cory
Shultz, Charlie
Snyder, Derek
Spiers. Aiden
Spiers, Tristen
Stanley, Hunter
Stewart, Baden
Swanson, Kody
Taylor, Dameron
Tyler, Brian
Vaughn, Brian
Wease, Billy
Welpott, Travis
Wilson, Jacob


See you next season!!


Larry Heuer

Competition Director, AVBBSS Series