Dodson Wins Initial Event at Baer Field

Dodson Wins Initial Event at Baer Field

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (June 4, 2005) – 16 year old Cameron Dodson claimed his first career AVSS event at Baer Field Speedway by passing Curt Shumaker at the 1/2 point and then pulling away from the rest of the field. “The car was set up awesome.” Stated Dodson in victory lane. “Dick Myers had the car perfect. The crew did a great job, they all came together to help me tonight. The Joie of Seating, Hoosier Tires, K&N, Gaerte Engines, and NGK. They helped put a car together for me to come out here and race. I especially want to thank all the fans for coming out , we could not do this without them.”

Curt Shumaker and Dorman Snyder would lead the field down to the green flag, and in to turn one. The front duo continued to race side by side down the back straight, and into turn three, where Shumaker used the bottom coming out of four to grab the early lead. Dodson quickly made his presence felt by advancing three positions by the end of lap two moving up to the seventh position after starting 10th. One lap later, Troy Underwood would take his Thunder Chassis to the pit area ending his evening. On lap four, Bill Jacoby would follow Underwood into the pits with an ill-handling race car. On lap six, Dodson moved into sixth with an outside pass on Bill Tyler in turns three and four. The first caution of the event would appear on lap seven as Harry Parish spun off of turn one when something in the steering broke. Parish was finished for the evening.

On the restart, Shumaker began to pull away as a battle for the second position began to develop between Snyder and Jason Blonde. Blonde would pull alongside Snyder a few different times, only to Snyder hold the second position until lap 10 when Blonde was able to make the pass stick. Dodson also made a move to get past Brian Lay, and one lap later he passed Tim Cox to take over fourth. As Dodson approached Snyder to battle for third, Snyder would get loose entering turn three allowing Dodson to get past on the high side on lap 11. The second place car of Blonde was slowly gaining ground on race leader Shumaker, but his progress was slowed as Dodson made the move for second just one lap later on lap 13.

This put the 16 year old Dodson right on the rear bumper of Shumaker. Dodson made an attempt using the high side of turn three and four, but Shumaker was able to hold him off until lap 15. As the lead duo took the crossed flags signaling the 1/2 mark, Shumaker dove the Premium Auto Body #71 deep into turn three, but slipped up the race track giving Dodson just enough room to get underneath. Shumaker and Dodson were side by side as they crossed the line to complete lap 16 with Dodson leading by a wheel. Just as the leader crossed for lap 17, the #97 of Ben Hidy would spin in turn four.

The final restart would have Dodson putting a large amount of race track between himself, and second place Shumaker. This would leave the rest of the field to battle for position. Shumaker and Blonde would battle for several laps, but Shumaker would break loose of Blonde with five laps to go securing the second position. Dodson began lapping cars on lap 25, and was able to drive his car where he needed to continue building on his lead. At the end of the 30 laps, Dodson would claim his first AVSS sanctioned event. His second win of 2005 on pavement, with his first being the open show at Winchester Speedway two weeks prior. Shumaker held on for second, while Blonde, Snyder and Cox finished in the top five. Jimmy McCune, Tom Fedewa, Bill Tyler, Brian Lay, and Mike Ling rounded out the top 10.

Up next for the Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints is a return trip to Auto City Speedway on Saturday, June 11. Jason Blonde took the feature win earlier this season at Auto City on May 7. The series will then travel to Toledo, OH for the “Fastest Short Track Show in the World” on Friday June 17. For more information on the AVSS, be sure to log on to the official web site at


Hamilton Trucking Time Trials: 1) 50m Cameron Dodson 14.563 (123.601 mph) 2) 42 Tommy Fedewa 14.987 3) 19 Jimmy McCune 14.992 4) 70 Dennis Craft 15.055 5) 24 Bill Tyler 15.085 6) 61 Jason Blonde 15.131 7) 40 Tim Cox 15.137 8) 45 Brian Lay 15.142 9) 99 Dorman Snyder 15.152 10) 71 Curt Shumaker 15.307 11) 35 Ryan Katz 15.328 12) 8 Ryan Davis 15.411 13) 97 Ben Hidy 15.451 14) 20 Mike Ling 15.451 15) 6 Sondi Eden 15.509 16) 35j Richey Jacobs 15.600 17) 75 John Hotchkiss 15.607 18) 10 Bill Jacoby 15.632 19) 31 Harry Parish 15.750 20) 7 Tyler Underwood 15.771 21) 4 Troy Underwood 15.796 22) 3a Mike Astrauskas 15.839 23) 34 Johnny Scherer 15.979 24) 69 Tim Ryan 16.032 25) 77 Steve Burch 16.865 26) 71k Geoff Kaiser 18.791 27) 62 Eric Curry nt

United Trailers Heat #1, Top 5 to A-main (2:06.640): 1) 50m Cameron Dodson 2) 71 Curt Shumaker 3) 70 Dennis Craft 4) John Hotchkiss 5) 97 Ben Hidy 6) 40 Tim Cox 7) 7 Tyler Underwood 8) 34 Johnny Scherer 9) 71k Geoff Kaiser

Dowker Engines Heat #2 (No Time): 1) 20 Mike Ling 2) 42 Tommy Fedewa 3) 24 Bill Tyler 4) 10 Bill Jacoby 5) 35 Ryan Katz 6) 69 Tim Ryan 7) 4 Troy Underwood 8) 35j Richey Jacobs 9) 45 Brian Lay

All Pro Cylinder Heads Heat #3 (2:06.030): 1) 6 Sondi Eden 2) 99 Dorman Snyder 3) 19 Jimmy McCune 4) 61 Jason Blonde 5) 31 Harry Parish 6) 8 Ryan Davis 7) 77 Steve Burch 8) 62 Eric Curry 9) 3a Mike Astrauskas

Hoosier Racing Tire B-main, Top 5 to A-main (No Time): 1) 45 Brian Lay 2) Tim Cox 3) Ryan Davis 4) 7 Tyler Underwood 5) 4 Troy Underwood 6) 69 Tim Ryan 7) 34 Johnny Scherer 8)71k Geoff Kaiser 9) 3a Mike Astrauskas 10) 77 Steve Burch 11) 62 Eric Curry dns 12) 35j Richey Jacobs dns

Auto Value/ Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints A-Main, 30 Laps (No Time) 1) 50m Cameron Dodson 2) 71 Curt Shumaker 3) 61 Jason Blonde 4) 99 Dorman Snyder 5) 40 Tim Cox 6) 19 Jimmy McCune 7) 42 Tommy Fedewa 8) 24 Bill Tyler 9) 45 Brian Lay 10) 20 Mike Ling 11) 70 Dennis Craft 12) 35 Ryan Katz 13) 6 Sondi Eden 14) 75 John Hotchkiss 15) 69 Tim Ryan 16) 97 Ben Hidy 17) 7 Tyler Underwood 18) 8 Ryan Davis 19) 31 Harry Parish 20) 10 Bill Jacoby 21) 4 Troy Underwood

Lap Leaders: Curt Shumaker 1-15, Cameron Dodson 16-30

KSE Hard Charger: Cameron Dodson +9

Hamilton Trucking Fast Time: Cameron Dodson

Owens Petroleum Rookie of the Race: Cameron Dodson

Saldana Racing Products Award: Harry Parish

Suspension Spring Specialist Blue Coil Spring Winner: Ryan Davis

Provisional Starter: Tim Ryan