Featured driver Christian Koehler

Featured driver Christian Koehler

In our continuing series on the drivers of AVBBSS, we feature Christian Koelher

Christian was born in December 1991.  He is in a relationship with Laura Niswonger, and resides in South Bend Indiana

Started out going to races as a child with his uncle Ron and dad Gary. They won back to back championships in 2001 and 2002 in HOSS.

Christian always loved going fast and in 2013 he became a Harley Davidson Mechanic in Phoenix, AZ.  He then came back home and traded his bike for a 600cc mini Sprint and ran that in 2014 at Plymouth.  Ron watched him race and gave him an opportunity to drive his car in 2015. His first race in a 410-Sprint car was at New Paris, then Kalamazoo, then Salem, and Anderson and so on.  Christian learned a lot in a short amount of time and won his first race at Anderson Speedway in 2017.  He was only out 3 times last year due to engine issues and still managed to win an exciting heat race at Baer Field for his second heat win.  He is really looking forward to getting that first feature win in 2019 and aiming at getting a top 5 in points for the year.  

Christian will be driving Ron’s 410ci Kercher engine plant in a Hawk frame that has been driven before by Ryan Neuman, Troy Decaire, and his uncle Ron.

Hopefully, Christian can get as much seat time as possible and be at all the races!

Christian is also a former rap music star.  He went by the name C-Dubb and you can see his video on YouTube. 

The AVBBSS series looks forward to seeing Christian Koelher on the track this year as we travel Michigan and Indiana with the “World’s Fastest Short Track Cars.”