Featured driver Tom Patterson

Featured driver Tom Patterson

In our continuing series we feature Tom Paterson.

As we have been going along this series we have received received some bio completely written out ready to publish and some listed out as bullet points and we make the feature from those.  Tom was at every race last year and also went to the Colorado KOTW series, we wanted to feature Tom Paterson, so we asked him for a bio, we received two sentences back from him.

Hoping to get more information from him to write a nice article for Tom, we sent him the following questions:  Do you have a wife, kids, dogs? And what are your highlights?  His answer to us was short and sweet;  no, no, no, and I suck!  What received back told us exactly what we all know about Tom.  Tom is one of the most modest racers you will ever meet.  He is also the one that will give anyone the shirt off his back in need, and help everyone in the pits.

When we were going to do a pre show promotion at New Paris in Indiana, Tom was the first one to step up and say he would be there to show the fans the car and spend time with them.  This was just prior to him headed west to run the KOTW at Colorado National Speedway.  While in New Paris there was a little off track mishap, that could have prevented him from going to Colorado, but not Tom, he didn’t even get mad, just said he needed to do some repairs to get on the road to Colorado.  Tom has a heart of Gold and the very best redneck personality combined with a true love of the sport.

Here is what we dug up on Tom, born in 1962, lives in Argos, Indiana.  Tom has 30 years of racing, all of it in sprint cars.  On pavement he drives a beast chases, powered by a 410 chevy, built by him.  His car is the yellow number 11, to honor his father who also drove a yellow number 11.

Tom also drives on dirt, both winged and non winged, with a Magnum chases, he is partnered with Jim Payne and Chad Delagrange in the race team.  They are sponsored by Jenkins Automotive.

We look forward to seeing Tom on the track this year in Indiana, Michigan, and maybe beyond, as he plans on running the full AVBBSS schedule, as well as some of the King of the Wing shows.  Come see the “Worlds Fastest Short Track Cars.”

Thanks to Prince Photography for the picture!!