Fedewa Finishes First in Fast Feature

Fedewa Finishes First in Fast Feature

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (August 10, 2002) – The Kalamazoo Speedway was the host of the Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series Saturday evening. The very happy driver in victory lane was Holt MI racer Gary Fedewa. The 2001 AVSS champion took his fourth straight Kalamazoo feature win and the incredible fact was the 30-lap race was completed in 6and ½ minutes!

The hot day started at Gary Howe’s immaculate facility with qualifications. The fastest of the fast was 2001 AVSS rookie of the year Tim Cox from Park City IL with a blazing 11.050. The second quick time went to Terre Haute IN driver Kevin Newton at 11.155 and third fast went to Tom Fedewa at 11.203.

The three heat races went to Jay Rohrback, Jeff Bloom and Hank Lower. The five cars transferring from the B-main were Johnboy Hotchkiss, Ron Koehler, Dennis Craft, Troy Underwood and Tom Fedorczyk. The Lane Automotive/Aeroquip/Hamilton Trucking provisional went to Mike Ling.

The fast qualifier Cox rolled the AVSS dice to set the inversion and he rolled the six which put Gary Fedewa and Bill Tyler who were sixth and fifth fast time on the front row. The 21 car-starting lineup saluted the huge crowd with the traditional AVSS three wide salute and then it was time to make history.

The feature started and G.Fedewa was off and hiding. The 3-time AVSS champion had a great handling racecar and was quickly lapping traffic before the halfway point of the main event. While G.Fedewa was flying through the field Bill Tyler and Tim Cox were waging an incredible battle for second. The side by side race for second lasted for at least ten laps and Tyler was finally able to make the pass stick for the second spot. After the race it was discovered that Cox had badly blistered his rear tires and the right side tire went flat as soon as the car got back to the pits.

The very happy Fedewa in victory lane thanked his hard working crew for getting him to Kalamazoo’s victory lane for the fourth consecutive AVSS race. The Annie Rae Chevrolet, Dowker, McClure’s Pub car has a way with Kalamazoo Speedway and it was evident again tonight. The remainder of the top ten behind Fedewa were Tyler second, Cox third, Kevin Newton fourth, Tom Fedewa fifth, Jeff Bloom sixth, Dorman Snyder seventh, Mike Ling eighth from 21st! Ryan Katz ninth and Jimmy McCune tenth.

The Suspension Spring Specialist driver of the race was Gary Fedewa for winning his fourth straight feature at Kalamazoo. The Sweet Manufacturing sweet move of the race went to Mike Ling in his incredible move from 21st to eighth in 30 laps.

The entire staff of AVSS would like to thank Kalamazoo Speedway for the incredible support of AVSS in 2002. The race was the fastest feature in the history of this great facility. The AVSS next head to Anderson Speedway in Anderson IN for the first ever AVSS feature at this historic ¼ mile oval. The races will commence on Saturday August 17 at the home of the Little 500.


Qualifying- 1. 98c Tim Cox 11.050 2. 99 Kevin Newton 11.155 3. 20 Tom Fedewa 11.203 4. 35 Ryan Katz 11.232 5. 24 Bill Tyler 253 6. 42 Gary Fedewa 11.261 7. 55 Sean Stafford 11.274 8. 26 Jeff Bloom 11.312 9. 14 Jimmy McCune 11.325 10. 69 Johnboy Hotchkiss 11.337 11. 9 Dorman Snyder 11.353 12. 4b Rick Baker 11.361 13. 10 Ron Koehler 11.373 14. 71 Curt Shumaker 11.376 15. 70 Dennis Craft 11.445 16. 33 Jay Rohrback 11.500 17. 11 Chris Hayes 11.502 18. 37 Hank Lower 11.523 19. 10 Jason Blonde 11.536 20. 4 Troy Underwood 11.651 21. 61f Tom Fedorczyk 11.702 22. 38 Nick Landon 11.732 23. 8 Ryan Davis 11.802 24. 92 George Gustafson 11.845 25. 6 John Batts 11.930 26. 17 Roger Anderson 12.036 27. U-2 Ben Hidy 12.242 28. 06 Rodney Ziemek 13.850 29. 61 Mike Ling N.T.

Heat results-heat 1- 1. Rohrback 2. Stafford 3. Cox 4. Katz 5. Blonde 6. Landon 7. Ziemek 8. Hotchkiss 9. Koehler

Heat 2- 1. Bloom 2. Shumaker 3. Tyler 4. Snyder 5. Newton 6. Underwood 7. Davis 8. Anderson

Heat 3-1. Lower 2. Baker 3. G.Fedewa 4. McCune 5. T.Fedewa 6. Craft 7. Fedorczyk 8. Hidy 9. Gustafson

B-main- 1. Hotchkiss 2. Koehler 3. Craft 4. Underwood 5. Fedorczyk 6. Ling 7. Batts 8. Davis 9. Hidy 10. Anderson 11. Landon 12. Ziemek 13. Gustafson

A-main 30 laps run in 6 minutes 37 seconds

1. G.Fedewa 2. Tyler 3. Cox 4. Newton 5. T.Fedewa 6. Bloom 7.Snyder 8.Ling 9.Katz 10.McCune 11.Baker 12.Stafford 13.Hotchkiss 14.Shumaker 15.Koehler 16.Lower 17.Craft 18.Rohrback 19.Underwood 20.Blonde 21. Fedorczyk