Feeney Wins at Owosso

Feeney Wins at Owosso

OWOSSO, Mich. (August 3, 2002) – The Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint series made the first of two visits to the Owosso Speedway Saturday evening. The driver capturing the well-deserved checkered flag was Oxford MI racer Kevin Feeney.

The very hot and sticky day started with 25 AVSS teams checking into the pits. The hot laps were quickly run off and in qualifying it was 2001 AVSS rookie of the year Tim Cox of Park City IL setting the pace. He qualified at 13.216 and took the Hamilton Trucking $100.00 award for fast time. It was Tom Fedewa second quick at 13.229 and Dennis Craft third at 13.254.

The three eight lap heat races were closely fought and taking the victories were Curt Shumaker, Gary Fedewa and Kevin Newton. The B-main went to Rick Baker over Tom Fedorczyk, Charlie Schultz, Hank Lower and Troy Underwood. Tracy Rice took the Lane Automotive/Aeroquip/Hamilton Trucking provisional.

The fast qualifier Cox rolled a ten for the inversion and that put ninth and tenth fastest drivers Fedorczyk and Feeney on the front row. The gigantic crowd roared its approval as the AVSS three wide salute got the fans excited for the 30 lap main event.

The race started with Feeney taking the early lead and there was a lap two yellow for the stalled car of Hank Lower on the front stretch. The race was quickly resumed and Feeney was off and hiding. The next caution occurred on lap nine when Kevin Newton slid off the backstretch and landed in the grass off of turn three. His car suffered no damage and Newton was able to continue.

The final 21 laps went non-stop and several times second place runner Jeff Bloom closed the gap on Feeney, but was not able to complete the pass. There were several amazing battles throughout the field and at least three cars flying up through the pack from deep in the field. After starting 17th Gary Fedewa managed to climb all the way to tenth, Jimmy McCune started 13th and got all the way to sixth taking the Suspension Spring Specialist driver of the race award and Schultz moved up from 12th to 7th at the finish.

The AVSS officials all agreed after this race that it was the best feature so far this year with many incredible battles and several three wide passes for position. The entire staff of the AVSS would like to thank the great crew at Owosso for their great help and special thanks goes out to Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper representative Gordy Hubbard who greeted Feeney in victory lane.

The excited driver of the Jim and Nancy Hank’s owned machine was exhausted from the heat and the tremendous competition in the feature. A thank you to Cargomate, U-Coat It and Maple Ridge Builders from Feeney was heard in victory lane.

The top ten finishers were Feeney, Bloom, Dorman Snyder, Bill Tyler, Mike Ling, McCune, Schultz, Tom Fedewa, Rick Baker and Gary Fedewa.

The AVSS head to Spartan Speedway in Mason MI Sunday afternoon for the second half of the big double header weekend. Next Saturday August 10th the AVSS return to Kalamazoo Speedway for the second time.

Qualifying Owosso Speedway 8-3-2202

1. 98c Tim Cox 13.216 2. 20 Tom Fedewa 13.229 3. 70 Dennis Craft 13.254 4. 24 Bill Tyler 13.267 5. 4b Rick Baker 13.298 6. 61 Mike Ling 13.326 7. 26 Jeff Bloom 13.373 8. 9 Dorman Snyder 13.388 9. 98 Kevin Feeney 13.388 10. 61f Tom Fedorczyk 13.424 11. 35 Ryan Katz 13.432 12. 9s Charlie Schultz 13.442 13. 14 Jimmy McCune 13.454 14. 10 Jason Blonde 13.474 15. 11 Chris Hayes 13.490 16. 71 Curt Shumaker 13.545 17. 42 Gary Fedewa 13.554 18. 99 Kevin Newton 13.571 19. 37 Hank Lower 13.581 20. 69 Tracy Rice 13.777 21. 8 Ryan Davis 13.856 22. 4 Troy Underwood 13.969 23. 92 George Gustafson 14.022 24. 33 Jay Rohrback 14.035 25. U-2 Ben Hidy 14.391

Heat results 5 transfer

heat 1- 1. Shumaker 2. McCune 3. Cox 4. Bloom 5. Tyler 6. Fedorczyk 7. Underwood 8. Lower 9. Hidy heat 2- 1. G.Fedewa 2. Blonde 3. Katz 4. Snyder 5. T.Fedewa 6. Baker 7. Gustafson 8. Rice

heat 3- 1. Newton 2. Hayes 3. Feeney 4. Ling 5. Craft 6. Schultz 7. Davis 8. Rohrback

B-main 5 transfer 1. Baker 2. Fedorczyk 3. Schultz 4. Lower 5. Underwood 6. Rice 7. Davis 8. Hidy 9. Gustafson

A-main 1. Feeney 2. Bloom 3. Snyder 4. Tyler 5. Ling 6. McCune 7. Schultz 8. T.Fedewa 9. Baker 10. G.Fedewa 11. Cox 12. Katz 13. Hayes 14. Schumaker 15. Underwood 16. Newton 17. Rice 18. Craft 19. Fedorczyk 20. Blonde 21. Lower