Kody Swanson wins Berlin after waiting out the weather

Kody Swanson wins Berlin after waiting out the weather

The extreme heat gave way Saturday to rain showers at Berlin Raceway. The original start time was moved back an hour in anticipation of the extreme heat that has covered the region this past week. The rain started moving in about 330 and lasted about 4 hours pushing the start of the entire program back another two hours to about 930.

16 of the 18 sprint cars held out for the first non-winged race at Berlin in 25 years. Starting their first and only practice in the dark early evening.

As the drivers were lining up for qualifications, a crash on the track once again changed the program as clean up took place the feature was lined up on the one and only practice times. Aaron Pierce drew a 6 for invert to set up the field.

The invert place Doug Dietsch on the pole with a good solid field behind him looking for a Berlin win on their resume!

In the first lap headed into turn three Tom Gerenblew his engine resulting in a complete restart to happen after cleanup.

The race was finally underway with Nick Landon taking the lead early from P2 with Pierce, Jason Blonde and Kody Swanson working their way forward. In the 4th lap Pierce would cruise around to the lead.

Lap eleven would be the start of the win for Swanson (4) as he worked his way around Pierce to the lead and never looked back leading the remaining 18 laps capturing the checker flag.

The rest of the feature finish 26 Pierce, 42 Blonde, 55 Taylor Ferns , 27 Landon, 22 Derek Snyder, 67 O’Kyle O’Gara, 67c Charlie Shullz, 0 Dietsch, 44 Teddy Alberts , 35 Christopher Christopher Randolph, 53 Justin Harper, 56 Tyler Roahrig, 00 Joey Irwin, 32 Nick Hamilton, and 11 Geren.

Larry Heuer AVBBSS Competition Director stated “The drivers of the series were amazing tonight as they helped us make this race happen under difficult and ever changing circumstances. This shows how great the family atmosphere is with the drivers, owners and staff of the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Sprint Series”

AVBBSS also wants to thank Berlin Raceway for their determination and will power to make this race happen and give our drive the opportunity to race. Regardless of the series, or track, these drivers just want to race, that’s what makes them true drivers and the stars of the “World’s Fastest Short Track Cars”