Michigan Debut of Winged Sprint Cars

Michigan Debut of Winged Sprint Cars

The “Worlds Fastest Short Track Cars” will have their Michigan debut for the 2020 season at M40 Speedway on August 28th.

This will be the first Michigan appearance and the first appearance for the 2020 season. M-40 Speedways high banks creates an interesting speed and passing situation for our drivers.

Ed and Angel Santora along with Kevin and Amanda England have worked hard to get the M-40 Speedway running this year with the cooperation of the Cass County Government. These two couples are facilitating the return of asphalt racing to Michigan.

A schedule for the day will be released soon, along with a drivers list.

Additionally a Non-Winged race has been set for October 9th at M-40.

The opening a week ago of the M-40 Speedway was handled with great professionalism and care to ensure the safety of the track personnel, drivers, teams, and fans.