Newton Ninth Different Winner in 15 Shows

Newton Ninth Different Winner in 15 Shows

LANSING, Mich. (August 11, 2002) – The Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series was able to complete it’s show at the Spartan Speedway in Lansing MI Sunday evening.

The 30-lap feature was delayed one week by rain and made up Sunday evening at the ¼ mile oval. The winner who lead all 30 laps was Terre Haute IN racer Kevin Newton. The young driver who is getting married this Saturday is the ninth different AVSS winner in 15 shows in 2002.

The qualifying held on August 4, had Bill Tyler setting fast time at 11.410. With second quick time it was Tom Fedewa at 11.548 and third fastest was Tim Cox at 11.594. The three heat winners were Gary Fedewa, Dennis Craft and Chris Hayes. It was unfortunate for Hayes as he blew a motor Saturday evening at Kalamazoo and was not able to compete Sunday at Spartan making it a 19 car-starting field.

front row of Newton and Curt Shumaker started the charge to the green flag. It was the Indiana driver taking off in his first ever feature at Spartan Speedway. The driver of the Wayne Stickney owned car had some trouble with lapped traffic late in the race and Mike Ling actually challenged for the lead on several occasions late in the race.

It would be Newton’s first feature win in over two years and what a way to celebrate a marriage. The remainder of the top ten were Ling second, Tom Fedewa third, Tim Cox fourth, Curt Shumaker fifth, Bill Tyler sixth, Jeff Bloom seventh, Dorman Snyder eighth, Gary Fedewa ninth and Jimmy McCune tenth.

The Suspension Spring Specialist driver of the race was Kevin Newton. The next race for AVSS is at Anderson Speedway on Saturday August 17. The fast ¼ mile oval will witness the fastest laps in its long history of open wheel this weekend. The pit gates open at 4:00, qualifying is at 6:30 and racing at 8:00. The AVSS website is for more information.

Qualifying Spartan Speedway 1. 24 Bill Tyler 11.410 2. 20 Tom Fedewa 11.548 3. 98c Tim Cox 11.594 4. 61 Mike Ling 11.604 5. 71 Curt Shumaker 11.662 6. 99 Kevin Newton 11.665 7. 26 Jeff Bloom 11.691 8. 9 Dorman Snyder 11.699 9. 9s Charlie Schultz 11.707 10. 42 Gary Fedewa 11.780 11. 4b Rick Baker 11.790 12. 11 Chris Hayes 11.796 13. 69 Tracy Rice 11.806 14. 14 Jimmy McCune 11.810 15. 37 Hank Lower 11.829 16. 4 Troy Underwood 11.986 17. 70 Dennis Craft 12.002 18. U-2 Ben Hidy 12.068 19. 35 Mike Katz 12.078 20. 8 Ryan Davis 12.176

Heat 1-1.G.Fedewa 2.M.Katz 3. Ling 4.tyler 5. Underwood 6.Rice 7. Bloom

Heat 2-1. Craft 2.McCune 3. T.Fedewa 4.Shumaker 5.Baker 6.Snyder 7.Davis

Heat 3-1.Hayes 2.Hidy 3.Schultz 4.Newton 5.Lower 6.Cox

Feature-1. Newton 2.Ling 3.T.Fedewa 4.Cox 5.Shumaker 6.tyler 7.Bloom 8.Snyder 9.G.Fedewa 10.McCune 11.Schultz 12.Craft 13.Baker 14.Underwood 15.Lower 16.M.Katz 17.Rice 18.Hidy 19.Davis