Rick Baker Takes Auto City Checkers

Rick Baker Takes Auto City Checkers

FLINT, Mich. (August 24, 2002) –The Auto City Speedway in Flint MI was host to the Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series Saturday evening. The feature winner for the second consecutive time at Auto City was Mooresville IN driver Rick Baker.

The hot afternoon started with 31 AVSS cars checking in and 29 cars qualifying. The quick time went to Mt Brydges Ont. driver Mike Ling at 13.19. The second fastest was Hank Lower at 13.24 and Bill Tyler was third at 13.25.

Kevin Feeney, Don Townsend and Kevin Newton captured the three very intense heat races. There were a couple of major accidents in the heats and in the first heat Jeff Bloom’s car was wrecked beyond repair and he was finished for the evening. The 12 lap B-Main went to new AVSS driver James Taylor of Mansfield OH over Johnboy Hotchkiss, Jay Rohrback, and Chris Hettinger in his first AVSS race and Dennis Craft. The Lane Automotive/Aeroquip/Hamilton Trucking provisional went to Ryan Katz. This set the field for the 21-car feature of 30 laps.

The feature could not be lead to the green flag by Baker and Hettinger until the always-popular AVSS three wide salute was completed. The giant crowd was filled with hundreds of boy scouts who were there to cheer on Kevin Feeney as part of a Hank’s Motorsports/Auto City Speedway promotion.

The green was thrown and after the first lap was completed there was a horrific accident in turn two involving Tom Fedewa and Dorman Snyder. The T.Fedewa car climbed over the right rear wheel of Snyder’s car and went flying off of turn two and did one complete flip in the air landing back on all four wheels. The great news was both drivers’ were able to get out of their respective cars. After the races were completed both drivers were very sore and Snyder was complaining of some back pain. A report on their conditions will be mentioned next week.

The races were restarted and the only other caution came out on lap 14 when Feeney climbed the wheel of Curt Shumaker and had his car go sliding off of turn one and end up hitting the fence and a telephone pole. The Oxford MI racer was fine, but the car suffered much damage.

The race was then restarted and Baker continued his lead and was never really challenged even though Jimmy McCune tried his best to pull in the leader. The top ten finishers were Baker, McCune, Hettinger in his first AVSS feature, Ling, Lower, Gary Fedewa, Tim Cox, Tyler, David Steele in his first ever AVSS race and Curt Shumaker 10th. The Suspension Spring Specialist driver of the race was Shumaker who moved from 16th to 10th in the 30 lap main event.

The Mooresville IN racer took his second consecutive AVSS feature at Auto City and in a very happy victory lane he thanked Julian Construction, Signs by Mitzi and all the crew. The AVSS has had 10 different feature winners in 17 events this season.

The busy Labor Day weekend is upon us and the AVSS will race on both Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday August 31 show is at Berlin Raceway in Marne MI. That race starts at 7:00. The next night at Angola Speedway the action begins with hot laps at 3 and racing at 7. The official AVSS website is www.supersprints.com.


Qualifying- 1. 61 Mike Ling 13.19 2.37 Hank Lower 13.24 3.24 Bill Tyler 13.25 4.14 Jimmy McCune 13.30 5. 20 Tom Fedewa 13.32 6.9 Dorman Snyder 13.34 7.26 Jeff Bloom 13.34 8. 55 Chris Hettinger 13.40 9. 4b Rick Baker 13.40 10. 98c Tim Cox 13.43 11. 42 Gary Fedewa 13.45 12. 4 Troy Underwood 13.46 13. 2 David Steele 13.48 14. 77 Don Townsend 13.50 15. 7R James Taylor 13.55 16. 98 Kevin Feeney 13.58 17. 71 Curt Shumaker 13.60 18. 99 Kevin Newton 13.64 19. 8 Ryan Davis 13.65 20. 69 Johnboy Hotchkiss 13.75 21. 70 Dennis Craft 13.78 22. 35 Ryan Katz 13.80 23. 45 Brian Lay 13.83 24. 33 Jay Rohrback 13.84 25. 92 George Gustafson 13.84 26. 11v Dennis Venia 13.86 27. 14d Jerry Kelly 14.05 28. 2 Brian Tyler 14.60 29. 06 Rodney Ziemek 14.65 30. U-2 Ben Hidy N.T. 31. 7 Jeremy Minton N.T.

Heat 1-1. Feeney 2. Ling 3. Cox 4. McCune 5.Steele 6.Katz 7.Brian Tyler 8.Davis 9. Gustafson 10. Bloom

Heat 2-1.Townsend 2. Shumaker 3. G.Fedewa 4. T.Fedewa 5.Lower 6.Hettinger 7.Lay 8. Venia 9.Hotchkiss 10.Ziemek

Heat 3-1.Newton 2.Underwood 3.Baker 4.Snyder 5.Bill Tyler 6.Craft 7. Taylor 8. Kelly 9. Rohrback

B-main 1.Taylor 2.Hotchkiss 3.Rohrback 4.Hettinger 5.Craft 6.Davis 7.Venia 8.Ziemek 9.Katz 10.Lay 11. Br Tyler 12. Gustafson

A-main-1. Baker 2.McCune 3.Hetttinger 4.Ling 5. Lower 6.G.Fedewa 7.Cox 8.Tyler 9. Steele 10. Shumaker 11.Underwood 12.Katz 13.Newton 14.Hotchkiss 15.Townsend 16. Rohrback 17. Craft 18. Taylor 19. Feeney 20. Snyder 21. T.Fedewa

TOP TEN DRIVERS POINTS AFTER 8-24 RACE 1. Tim Cox 1235 2. Bill Tyler 1233 3. Gary Fedewa 1212 4. Jimmy McCune 1191 5. Rick Baker 1153 6. Dorman Snyder 1136 7. Tom Fedewa 1098 8. Hank Lower 1097 9. Mike Ling 1090 10. Dennis Craft 1075