Tom Fedewa Earns First Series Victory at Anderson

Tom Fedewa Earns First Series Victory at Anderson

ANDERSON, Ind. (August 17, 2002) – The Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series made it’s first ever visit to the famous Anderson Speedway in Anderson IN and capturing the 30 lap feature was Leslie MI racer Tom Fedewa Saturday night.

The warm August afternoon started with 24 AVSS stars checking into the pit are and getting adjusted to running at the high-banked ¼ mile with a wing on there cars. This was an adjustment to the many drivers, 17 in all that competed in May at Anderson trying to qualify for the little 500. The drivers all quickly adapted to running with a wing at the track. The fastest of the 23 qualifiers was Parma MI driver Bill Tyler who ran a blistering lap of 10.705! The second quick time went to Tim Cox at 10.730 and Jimmy McCune was third at 10.784. In all there were 12 drivers qualified in less than 11 seconds.

The three hotly contested heat races went to Ryan Katz, Ron Koehler and Rick Baker. The B-main went to Tyler over Hank Lower, Dave Durnwald, Aaron Pierce and Troy Underwood. Dennis Craft earned the Lane Automotive/Aeroquip/Hamilton Trucking provisional.

Tom Fedewa and Dorman Snyder fronted the 30-lap feature which could not start without the traditional three wide AVSS salute to the great crowd that showed up to witness history at the fast ¼ mile oval.

The race started with the first 26 laps running non-stop before the car of McCune had a mechanical failure and leaked fluid throughout turns three and four bringing out the only caution of the feature. There were several other cars spinning in McCune’s fluid and the race was restarted with T.Fedewa still in the lead. The Leslie MI racer was doing a brilliant job of working through the lapped traffic and had Snyder and Jeff Bloom in pursuit. The incredible race of the night was by Mike Ling who started 12th and had worked his way to sixth before the checkered was thrown.

The restart with four laps to go for McCune gave Snyder and Bloom one final chance at catching T.Fedewa but it was to no avail as the tenth different driver in 16 features went to victory lane this season.

The driver of the Mike Katz owned car was incredibly excited in victory lane and teammate Ryan Katz stopped his car and climbed out and gave Fedewa a huge hug and slap on the back. The entire Katz racing team is to be congratulated for taking the first ever AVSS feature at Anderson Speedway. The remainder of the top ten were Snyder, Bloom, Aaron Pierce of Muncie IN in his first ever AVSS race, Kevin Feeney, Ling, Lower, Cox, Tyler and Gary Fedewa 10th.

The entire staff of AVSS would like to thank Hamilton Trucking for putting $100.00 up for fast time which went to Tyler. The incredible staff of the Anderson Speedway deserve a huge thank you for making the first ever AVSS race a huge success. The AVSS head to Auto City Speedway in Flint MI on Saturday August 24 for the next race for the 2002 AVSS championship. The official website of AVSS is


Qualifying- 1. 24 Bill Tyler 10.705 2. 98c Tim Cox 10.730 3. 14 Jimmy McCune 10.784 4. 71 Curt Shumaker 10.798 5. 37 Hank Lower 10.869 6. 81 Aaron Pierce 10.878 7. 98 Kevin Feeney 10.891 8. 26 Jeff Bloom 10.922 9. 9 Dorman Snyder 10.927 10. 20 Tom Fedewa 10.958 11. 42 Gary Fedewa 10.981 12. 61 Mike Ling 10.986 13. 35 Ryan Katz 11.006 14. 10 Ron Koehler 11.052 15. 4b Rick Baker 11.061 16. 55 Sean Stafford 11.065 17. 40 Troy Lowery 11.138 18. 69 Johnboy Hotchkiss 11.158 19. 19 Dave Durnwald 11.184 20. 4 Troy Underwood 11.207 21. 70 Dennis Craft 11.460 22. 90 Patrick Stewart 11.526 23. 7G Adam Grim 11.537 24. 35k Derrek Williams N.T.

Heat results 5 transfer

heat 1-1. Katz 2.Stafford 3. Feeney 4.T.Fedewa 5.Shumaker 6.Tyler 7.Stewart 8.Durnwald

heat 2-1.Koehler 2.Lowery 3.Cox 4.Bloom 5.G.Fedewa 6.Lower 7.Grim 8.Underwood

heat 3-1.Baker 2.Hotchkiss 3.Ling 4.Snyder 5.McCune 6.Pierce 7.Craft

B-main 5 transfer-1.Tyler 2.Lower 3.Durnwald 4.Pierce 5.Underwood 6.Stewart 7.Grim 8.Craft

A-main 30 laps- 1.T.Fedewa (first win this year!) 2.Snyder 3.Bloom 4.Pierce 5.Feeney 6.Ling 7. Lower 8. Cox 9. Tyler 10.G.Fedewa 11.Katz 12.Koehler 13. Baker 14.Shumaker 15.Stafford 16.Hotchkiss 17.Durnwald 18.Lowery 19.McCune 20.Underwood 21.Craft